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Part III of the Snack Series features these incredibly healthy truffles, which are by far my most favourite snack in existence. Continue reading


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These delicious puffed rice bites start Part II of the Snack Series off with a bang. Crunchy, chewy and sweet, they make a really great afternoon snack or mid-morning treat.  Continue reading


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Living in Malaysia has its pros and cons: the pros being the incredible, cheap, tasty food that is readily available on every street corner, the cons being how fat you get from eating it all. That’s why every now and then, a healthy snack bar is in order to reset the balance. I’m going to be posting a series of healthy snacks which are easy to make and include simple ingredients which won’t break the bank. Continue reading


DSC06520Homecrest logo backgroundI’ve been taking a little hiatus from Homecrest for the past few months since relocating to Malaysia and adapting to life again in this crazy country I now call home. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been cooking 24/7, I just haven’t had the time to take pretty photos of my creations and blog about them! But I’m back on track now, and kicking things off with a punch Continue reading


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A while back, a vegetarian colleague of mine sent me a recipe for spinach and feta quinoa cakes by Domestic Superhero, suggesting I make my own version for HomecrestAs I am firmly not a vegetarian (although I do enjoy the creativity which comes with making vegetarian food), I thought I would try it out with salmon and to liven things up a bit.

Continue reading


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It’s been a while since I last posted and I have been feeling very guilty about it. Truth be told, there have been a lot of developments in my life lately, the most notable being that I am soon to leave London and repatriate in Malaysia! With all the arrangements going on, it’s been hard to find the time to post up lovely recipes, so I am going to treat you to some tasty morsels I made a few weeks ago, towards the end of the summer.  Continue reading

KAYA (Malaysian Coconut Jam)

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What to do when you have leftover coconut milk and pandan leaves? Make Kaya of course! Kaya is a creamy, delicious egg-based spread (some call it a jam) which you can put on toast for a hearty breakfast or afternoon snack. Its special dense texture comes from simmering thick coconut milk and egg yolk together, while the pandan leaves and muscovado sugar give it a sweet and sticky flavour.  Continue reading